Dark Fibre


Operating under the brand Cyberjaya Metro Fibre Network (CMFN), Setia Haruman Technology Sdn Bhd (SHTech) is a licensed Network Facility Provider (NFP) by Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC / SKMM). CMFN provides dark fibre service, a niche market segment, to offer a carrier neutral and open access infrastructure in Cyberjaya. Under this concept, SHTech leases dark fibre connectivity services to Telco and enterprises in Cyberjaya (now the coverage is extended nationwide!).
CMFN offers open access infrastructure to Telco and carriers for a full redundant and resilient metro network, which makes Cyberjaya a preferred location for MNCs. CMFN provides competitive rates and quality at service level rather than infrastructure.

CMFN delivers the fiber connectivity straight to the buildings and houses under the concept of “Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP)” that includes “Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB)” and “Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH)” respectively. With the ring topology deployed; it secures full redundancy throughout the network. The CMFN Dark Fibre leasing concept yields benefits to the clients in terms of flexibility, economy and expandability.

Dark Fibre Connectivity Services

CMFN Dark Fibre service is the provision on a leased basis of fibre optic cable pairs on CMFN’s network not carrying a signal (“Dark Fibre”) on open access network.
The CMFN Dark Fibre service is basically a point-to-point connection over an optical fibre network, comprising one fibre pair (2 cores). CMFN Dark Fibre service is an optical transmission facility without attached multiplexing, aggregation or other active equipments and is a basic infrastructure service. CMFN Dark Fibre service is inactivated fibre optic cable, deployed by CMFN that has not been activated through connections to the Client that light it, and thereby render it capable of carrying communications. The CMFN Dark Fibre service connectivity will enable the Client to create its own active network based on a reliable and fully diversified optical fibre infrastructure.

Types of Connectivity

CMFN provides three (3) types of Dark Fibre connectivity installation as illustrated below:



Service coverage: Cyberjaya and nationwide.
To date, CMFN has about 65 On-Net nodes in Cyberjaya. In other words, CMFN is now connected to about 65 buildings in Cyberjaya and the number increases in tandem with new developments in Cyberjaya.

More Facts


  1. Bank Negara Data Centre building
  2. Basis Bay Data Centre building
  3. BMW (Quill 3) building


  1. AMD Global Shared Services Centre building
  2. Axis–Eureka (formerly known as FSBM Plaza) building


  1. CBD Perdana 1 building
  2. CBD Perdana 2 building
  3. Century Square buildings
  4. City Command Centre (CCC) building
  5. College University of Cyberjaya Medical Science (CUCMS) — main campus
  6. CSF CX1 Data Centre building
  7. CSF CX2 Data Centre building
  8. CSF CX5 Data Centre building
  9. Cyber Heights Villa (CHV) building
  10. Cyberview Garden (CVG) building
  11. Cyberview Resort and Spa (CVL) building


  1. Dell building
  2. DHL (Quill 1) building
  3. D’Melor Condominium building
  4. Domain 1 Apartment (The Domain) @NeoCyber
  5. Domain 2 Apartment (The Domain) @NeoCyber
  6. Domain 3 Apartment (The Domain) @NeoCyber


  1. EMERIO building
  2. Enterprise Building 1 (EB1) building
  3. Enterprise Building 2 (EB2) building
  4. Enterprise Building 3 (EB3) building
  5. Ericsson building


  1. Garden Residence – Phase 1 and 2 (Precint 1, 2 and 3)
  2. Gardenview Residence building
  3. Glamorous Matrix (MIGHT) building


  1. HP Global center building
  2. HSBC (Quill 2) building


  1. IBM (Quill 5) building
  2. IMPACT building


  1. JPJ IT Office and Data Centre building


  1. K-Workers Development Centre building
  2. KRU Studio building


  1. Lodge (The Lodge) building


  1. Mahindra-Satyam Malaysia Global Solution Centre building
  2. MCMC (SKMM) building
  3. MDeC building
  4. MEASAT Teleport building
  5. MKN Embassy Techzone building
  6. Motorola building
  7. MPSp (Majlis Perbandaran Sepang) building
  8. myTelehouse Data Centre (CJ1) building


  1. NeoCyber (Shop-Office) buildings
  2. NTT Cyberjaya 1 Data Centre building
  3. NTT Cyberjaya 3 (Rimba Digital) Data Centre building


  1. Police Station Cyberjaya building
  2. Prima 1 building
  3. Prima 6 (HP) building
  4. Prima 7 (WHO / SPAN) building
  5. Prima 8 (Panasonic) building
  6. Prima 9 building
  7. Prima 10 (Wisma RBC Dexia) building


  1. Serenity (Perdana Lakeview East) residential houses
  2. Shell 1 T-Systems (Century Square) building
  3. Shell 2 (Century Square) building
  4. Shell Village building
  5. SME Technopreneur Centre 1 (SME1) building
  6. SME Technopreneur Centre 2 (SME2) building
  7. SME Technopreneur Centre 3 (SME3) building
  8. Symphony Hill Sales Gallery building


  1. Wisma Hasil (LHDN / Inland Revenue Board, IRB) building
  2. Wisma Mustapha Kamal (NeoCyber Office Tower) building

For the location of these buildings, please refer to the Cyberjaya Map.